Dot com domain with hosting giveaway

This is my second entry for this particular giveaway since I managed two blogs. I hope it is okey to submit two entry. As a newbie, I find it difficult to manage two or more blogs but when I learned and discovered from fellow bloggers how they managed well and maintained their blog, I was inspired to do the same. As the saying goes... "If others can do, why can't I", I hope this saying works for me! lol!.
So, here is another blog name I would like to be named If I get lucky to win this giveaway. "My point of view", is the name of the blog I choose because I like to share anything and everything else in this world that we lived in. Every individual has a place and purpose in his life, our opinion matters. I believe that the world would be a dismal place without you in it lol!. If you have something to say and comment about the blog name I choose, please feel free to edit and suggest, I would be glad to change it.
These are the following sponsors that made the giveaway possible;
The Filipina WAHM, The Movie Mommy, Eye for Fashion, Finds and Freebies, Our Dream House, All in One Woman, Caffeinated Muse, Feeling Traveler Aketch.
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