Picture Perfect#4

Picture Perfect

Fixers Are Strictly Not Allowed:

This is the message posted on the wall beside at the cashier’s window at the LTO office when I went there to renew the registration of my sister’s vehicle. The message sent me a perfect warning because when I reached there I was really looking of a fixer to get the job done to avoid the hassle going through all the process because I know sometimes our government employees here in our country gave us hard time to finish whatever transactions we have that requires their attention, such as this. There were a couple of fixers I saw there and when one of them approached me and asked me to let him do the job, I almost said yes because I was in a hurry to get back home. But when I asked the fixer how much his service, I almost swallowed the gum in my mouth because he was not only asking pay for his service but also for the person inside at the LTO office who was in-charge in processing of the renewal. I don’t know if he was telling the truth or he was just trying to make more money by involving another person inside in the LTO office.  I know one thing that some of our government employees are doing this kind of “job” just to have extra income.

So, is the warning that “Fixers are strictly not allowed” is simply just some kind of a “front” or they are really tolerating it?  I hope our government will do something to stop this because they are robbing Filipino citizens.

Well thank GOD I finished my transaction early without having to pay somebody to do the job.

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