Pink Friday#4

My niece Miah on her 3rd birthday. She just woke up from her afternoon nap, it was difficult for us to make her smile while taking photo shot of her. Happy Pink Friday everyone!

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Twice the FIRE…Double the POWER…

SYNOPSIS: Brazil and Roland Flint are the two best assassins in the world-but unknown to each other. While Flint (Scott Adkins) is a master sharpshooter, Brazil (Jean Claude Van Damme) is equally skilled with a knife. These two rival assassins form an uneasy alliance to take down the head of a drug cartel, which is backed by the DEA.

How many movies Van Damme does already? I cannot count for there are so many. If I am correct, this one is his latest. Van Damme was known to his talent who is very good at what he is doing as a brilliant actor. I have always liked Van Damme movies, all of them actually. You will never get bored and his movies will always keep you on the edge. I remember my father who was a fan of Van Damme and never misses to watch his movies at the theater, and dragged me along with him. The moment we get out from the movie house he was all praises for Van Damme. He really liked action movies though. Now I miss going to the movie house with him.

Picture Perfect#2

I wonder if I could get my figure back, like this!, after giving birth "sigh"
Picture Perfect

Enroll At Union Bank Eon Cyber Account Now!

On line banking made easy for all of us. I was surprised to get my eon cyber account card so quick. Just yesterday after filling up on line enrollment form at the Union Bank website, I went directly to the nearest union bank in my area. Brought all the requirements needed; two valid i.d’s and the reference number they provided after filling up the enrollment form. A payment of three hundred fifty pesos only, you have your card handed to you right away. It is that easy. So, what are you waiting? Enroll now so you can have your eon cyber account card and enjoy the easiest and the quickest banking on line in the making.

The True Spirit of Christmas

Spending your Christmas doesn’t have to be luxurious or extravagance. We often forget what the real meaning of Christmas and why are we celebrating it. What the people have in mind during Christmas are focusing on material things and monetary aspect. If they don’t have this, they believe their Christmas is like having no Christmas at all. Is it right to have these outlook in life during Christmas? I don’t think so, because the true spirit of Christmas is remembering Jesus and be thankful to GOD the father that Jesus Christ was born.
So, spend your Christmas wisely by not spending too much on material things, expensive foods and fire crackers that won’t ever last.  
Merry Christmas everyone!

Ruby Tuesday #6

This is my nephew, Kent. I took a photo shot of him last valentines day of this year. The one he was holding was a valentine’s letter and a candy lollipop I gave to him for that special day. Even for that simple gift, he was happy to receive them.

Guilty or Not...

Ex President “Madam” Gloria Macapagal Aroyo, Faces the greatest trials of her life. On the other hand the Philippine government also faces the greatest verdict, whether the ex president was guilty or not of the crime she had committed, and only God knows how many…

A very strong and intelligent woman such a very small person, is very difficult to tell if all the crime the government was putting into her were all her doing. “Small but terrible”,as what the saying goes. So don’t judge the small ones.  But, guilty or not, she has to face the consequence of her actions. Abandoning them and trying to escape would only make her look guilty.
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