It's Her Car. Don't Tell Her What To Do.

SYNOPSIS: During a routine stop at a gas station, Lorraine (Bello), a vulnerable singel mom, and her 5 year old son are overtaken by a vicious bank robber on the run.  He forces her to drive to meet up with his accomplice who still has money from the heist.  Possibly facing not only her death, but her son's. Lorraine's fight fro survival summons up an inner strength and courage that she never she had.

The movie was not really that super thrilling but you can find here lessons for all of us who has cars and going out anywhere. Nowadays, a lot of bad things has been happening. People get robbed, killed or even carjacked. My simple advise is that, do not leave your children inside the car alone, even if it will only take you a minute to get something. And, do not park your car in an area where most cars are not parked, a possible carjacked attempt is mostly going to happen. Lastly, do not leave your car doors unlocked. Better safe than sorry.   

Pink Friday#3

I'm sooo pink! lol! Happy Pink Friday everyone!

If You Drink, Don't Drive. If You Drive, Don't Drink!

My niece who had just got hit by a motorcycle driven by a drunk driver, is now recovering of a Trauma caused by that accident. She is only 10 years old. She was all bruised and had a cast on her feet. Her mom bought her a crutches and a wheelchair to make her comfortable. I was extremely mad at the driver that I wanted to beat him to death, "if I can", for causing that difficult condition that my niece is having right now. Right after the accident we found out, the man was driving on the motorcycle with a high alcohol content in his body, plus, he was driving without license. The rule is simple, "If you drink, don't drive. If you drive, don't drink". Why there are still irresponsible drivers out there that can't be caught by the authority? many more lives are at stake here because of drunken drivers? 
I hope this would be a lesson to all vehicle drivers out there to be more extra careful. You also have your loved ones that you want them to be safe anywhere they go. Accident happens sometimes, but driving being drunk? is not an excuse...

She doesn't give an "F"

Do you happen to have a bad teacher in your school? well this movie has a story of a real bad...bad teacher! 
Cameron Diaz is at it again. In this movie, she was the teacher, a real bad one. I'm just thankful I didn't had a bad teacher when I was a kid because I am pretty sure my father would not hesitate to go after that teacher and I don't know what else he might do to her! Watch this movie and ask yourself, "What would you do if you have a teacher like her" lol!
SYNOPSIS: A comedy centered around a foul-mouthed, junior high teacher who, after being dumped by her sugar daddy, begins to woo a colleague--a move that pits her against a well-loved teacher. 

It Was A Wonderful Golden Birthday Celebration!

Two weeks ago, my sister celebrated her Golden birthday party and I can say it was a wonderful, memorable and unforgettable birthday celebration that our family ever celebrated. I was surprised that it reaches more than one hundred visitors present on that day including children. Thank goodness! there was enough foods and drinks on the table lol! My sister looking so pretty on her yellow gown with a happy looked on her face, you can never tell she turned 50 years old already. Well there was crying I say, when me and my other two sisters render a song for her. For me, it was the best part of the birthday party. I just felt bad when I realized nobody took the video for that because everybody was all eyes when we started singing even though we are not good singers, plus, I also forgot to hand to somebody my video cam because I was also excited? lol! I just thank the LORD almighty that he continually blessed my sister and that he has given me a sister like her. I love her and I am willing to do everything for her. I love you Ate...
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