Keep Your Enemies Close

SYNOPSIS: A retired CIA operative is paired with a young FBI agent to unravel the mystery of a senator’s murder, with all signs pointing to a soviet assassin.

Nice movie. This is the kind of film I want to give time sitting on a couch for an hour or more. How would you react or feel if the person or the killer you were looking for was already beside you and happens to be your partner in solving the crime. Well, it’s always revenge after all. I have always liked Richard Gere. He is one of my favorite actors in the industry.

Wednesday Whites#5

My fellow Christians from the UK were here five months ago, for medical mission. As seen in the picture, they were serving “BINIGNIT” to all the kids from our neighborhood, while others also busy with their respective duties.

Rescue Robots Against Disaster

I was watching the news early this Morning, my attention was caught with this Pinoy made Robots by our young people.  While listening to the teenager explaining how this worked, I could say that this also might help in looking for survivor when a natural disaster occurs or any disastrous event. We must be thankful that instead of doing nothing and being involve in computer games, our young people are now doing something productive that could contribute to the society.

Mellow Yellow Monday#6


Scenic Sunday #1

Scenic Sunday
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