Pink Friday

Are Pregnant Women Always This Sensitive?

Before, I blog about pregnant women being so moody, but now I noticed they are not only moody but they are also sensitive and easily gets hurt. Sometimes, they cried for no apparent reason. Not only that, they are also insecure!lol!. Forgive me by saying all of these negative character because I know not all pregnant women are like these. I am referring to myself actually. Last week, I cried a lot because hubby woke up late in the morning and did not able to prefer early breakfast for me. Yesterday, I was kind of had this little thing with my mother, and I cried while I was inside public vehicle, on my way home. Today, again, I cried because all my favorite outfit doesn't fits me anymore. I am not the insecure type of a person, well, I easily get cried because I am sensitive, but when I got pregnant, some of these attitude has on me! and I am so insecure now? what's wrong with me? lol!. I know I will get over this. This is only part of being pregnant, it shall come to pass...  

Blue Monday#2: Decoratives Hanging Lights

I saw this blue decorative hanging lights at my sister's house, I thought it would be perfect for my BM entry. So, Happy Blue Monday everyone! join us at Aunt Sally's memes, Blue Monday.
Smiling Sally

Mellow Yellow Monday#4

Me and my hubby in Dakak. Do you see that yellow bag over there? lol! well, this is my entry for Mellow Yellow Monday today.

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