The Reason of the Season is Jesus!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Let us celebrate this Christmas that our main reason is…Jesus! 

I know not all of us will be having a “merry” Christmas this year, but don’t be sad because God has a reason of everything that happened. Look forward and be patient, for GOD has planned something bigger for us...

Cagayan de Oro flash flood brought by typhoon “Sendong”

A natural disaster such as this brought by a typhoon could not be controlled nor it can be prevented from happening. According to my research there are ten or more typhoons that enter Philippine soil every year. This year, typhoon “Sendong” was the strongest one, compare to typhoon “Ondoy” in 2009 that also brought destruction in the city of Cagayan de Oro. There were no lives that had been taken away brought by “Ondoy”, but this time, many suffered because of the lost of their loved ones including their precious homes. No exception, every houses were damaged to those areas affected. Dead citizens were found everywhere. It was a depressing and sorrowful feeling by just mere looking at those dead people. 

As of today, rescuers are still digging and finding missing or dead citizens so that they will be turn over to their respective families or relatives. There were already five hundred or more that have been found dead, and three hundred more are still missing. The day after the typhoon hit our city, our water supply have been jeopardize due to the flash flood that damaged the water system. The public has a strong demand for water. They went nuts looking for water supply. Sometimes I asked myself…is this the beginning of the tribulation? Or an act of GOD? If this is indeed, well it’s time for us to turn to him, repent and start a godly life…

Let us not be disappointed to GOD for what happened in our City because everything happens for a reason. Don’t let ourselves be clouded on the material things in celebrating our Christmas day because the truth is…”Jesus is the reason of this season”.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday Whites#3

This is the file folder where I kept all my list of my favorite book author and their novels. You can also find here the list of my favorite Hollywood actors and actresses and their movies. I am sooooo "OC" that I keep tract every single book and movies that I have read or collected, and highlighted them.  As of today, there are still novels and movies that's lacking in my collections. I wish I could have them by the end of this year. By the way, this is my entry for Wednesday whites... join us!

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