She’s A Better Baby Pacifier than Me!

God really has reason for everything. My niece who just resigned her recent job in Cebu, was a big favor for me! Call me selfish but I really thank the LORD my niece made that decision. Do you know why? Because I don’t have to hire a baby sitter anymore because she volunteered to be my companion at the same time Nanny, “Temporary” while I am still looking for a good Nanny at the moment. I was glad she is great with babies. And she is a better baby pacifier than me! Sometimes I was wondering why I couldn’t pacify my own baby? Does it mean he hates me? LOL! Of course not! The doctor said, psychologically speaking, the baby could sense that you are already tired and could not get the comfort they need while you are trying to hold them. As for my niece, well, experienced wise, she’s the eldest of my sister’s children and she took a great deal in taking care of her siblings while they were growing up, that’s why…        
To my niece, thank you so much for being here with me and baby Tristan. You are such a big help to us.  

Picture Perfect#3

My baby when he was just 3 days old. I got lucky I caught him smiling when the camera clicks! LOL! It was just perfect!
Picture Perfect

Clean Up Your Closet

I don’t know if it is too early to clean up my closet full of maternity dresses and extra large pants and underpants, but I think, for me it is already a perfect time. I have no plan to get pregnant right away when I just had my baby delivered three weeks ago, so I need to organize my wardrobe and set aside those clothes that are no longer useful. Not only for my maternity outfits, but maybe I will just give an old and forgotten outfit a second chance to remodel them. Especially those item that are no longer in style or of use. All I have to do is make a visit to my favorite dress maker in my neighborhood.  Well, some of my clothes were sent to help the victims of typhoon Sendong in our city. I am just thankful to GOD I have extra clothes so I can share them to my fellow citizens in times of calamities. In return to that, GOD will just shower me more clothes if I know how to share them.
How about you? I am pretty sure your closet could no longer accommodate for more clothes you put it in. So, why don’t you share them…

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines day everyone! I hope your heart was filled with joy on this very special day.

Farewell Whitney Houston

One of the successful singers of all time, Whitney Houston, died at the age of 48 years old. It was such a sad news that her followers received last Saturday. I did not know until I saw it in our own Filipino television channel, ASAP, that made a tribute to Whitney Houston. Houston’s  cause of death were still unknown. But her continuous use of drugs and stormy marriage with singer Bobby Brown was maybe the reason why she was out of control and that leads to her untimely death, that many were also suspected.  She was a singer turned actress. Her songs and movies had made an impact in the limelight. She was an icon and her songs will always remain in our hearts and will be remembered forever. Her kind was difficult to find nowadays…
Goodbye Whitney.
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