How Long Does it Take To Give A Surprising Birthday Gift?

My husband who will be celebrating his birthday on the 27th of October this year, I want to surprise him a gift. On the day of his birthday, I was thinking of taking him to the mall to window shop at the store he likes, letting him inspect and explore the functions of a Nokia 700 cellphone. I know he likes the kind of a mobile phone that sits comfortable in the palm of your hand and slips easily into your pocket. And this Ultra slim phone would be the perfect gift I could think about that he would love to have.
It doesn't take a whole day but it would only take one hour to surprise him for a gift.

Ruby Tuesday #4: Basketball Uniform

During the COEMA ( Cagayan de Oro Evangelical Minister Association) basketball tournament, our Team BHCCCI (Blessed Hope Christian Community Church International) got the 2nd place award for Senior category while in Junior category they got the Third place award.We hope next time they will get the championship award.
Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Blue Monday#4: Laundry Basket

Do you have a basket full of laundry like these? gosh! I hate to admit it, I am not into washing clothes nowadays because of my condition. It's very difficult doing laundry when your pregnant? Washing clothes and cleaning the house are my favorite house chores actually, and now everything's change, all I want is to lie down, watch movie and eat!
By the way, This is my entry for Blue Monday, my blue laundry basket.
Smiling Sally

Mellow Yellow Monday#5

This is how it looked during Fiesta in my Hometown. You can see a lot of kids playing inside the covered court during the Coronation night of the Ms. Barangay. It looks like they were having fun and doesn't care what they wore. It was so funny that even how persistent our Barangay officials tried to tell them to get out of the court because the coronation was about to start, the more they became playful. The way I see it, they were so amazed by the lights and bubbles dancing together with the music. Who can blame them? lol!
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