Worst Birthday Ever!

Okay, I am not supposed to reveal this to my readers, but who cares? If this is one way to get rid of my not-so-good-mood over my husband on the day of my birthday, then I don’t care LOL!
Talking about my birthday, this is actually a late post because my birthday was 3 days ago, though I already forgive my husband but I just can’t get over it what happened during that day. It was supposed to be a happy day because it was my 40th birthday but it turned out to be a bad day for me. My husband and I had a little misunderstanding over a thing which I cannot tell you, and that little misunderstanding became a big issue to the both of us for the whole day until the time when we are about to go to sleep in the evening. I never ever celebrate my birthday with a party or something like that, just with my family and a date with my husband over dinner or movies. Some thing’s change when our first baby was born who is 2 months old now, so it’s difficult for us to go out and celebrate my birthday because we were afraid to leave our baby to anybody, except for family members, but they were all busy. Instead, we decided to stay at home and have ice cream and cake just for the two of us LOL! But, sad to say, the ice cream was melting and the cake was ruined. What a birthday!
To make up of those ruined day, on the next day, my husband bought me something as a birthday present. Well, it says that…the only way to win an angry wife is her “indulgence” and by indulgence, for me that means SHOES! LOL! Now, I love him even more because he knows my weakness LOL! To end this story, my husband and I made up, and we had a long talk about anything and promise to love each other until death do us part…


Chie Wilks said...

aw so sweet naman ni hubby. shoes lang pala ang katapat ng tampo mo sis. hehehe

added all your blogs to all my blogs na

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