A Dog's Story

Like I promised, I won't be posting movie reviews that are not worth watching for.
I kind of feeling sentimental and very dramatic today for my first post , so my advise is that you get a load of a very thick hankie because you will be crying from the very first part until the end of the movie LOL!. I am sharing with you a true story about a dog, named "HACHIKO". Believe me, I didn't know dogs can be so sweet, loving, and devoted. The truth is that, I hate Dogs ever since I was a little girl, in fact I have history about dog bite, that's why... I was brought to the clinic everyday for my daily anti rabies injection, for one month, I think, and I hated it. Now, everything has changed about my attitude towards dog when I saw this movie, and I wanted to get one as a pet..
Actually, this heartwarming true story is an American adaptation of a Japanese tale about a loyal dog named HACHIKO. This very special dog would accompany his Master to the train station everyday when he goes to work and return each afternoon to meet him after work. Until one day, his Master did not return to the train station, but HACHIKO faithfully waited and waited at the train station for the next nine years believing that his Master will return. It is indeed A true story of faith, devotion, and undying love.
Well? what are you waiting... go and find this movie, and tell me if you couldn't shed even a single tears in your eyes.


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