"Lady of the Reel"

Hello Philippines and hello world, welcome to my new blog, "Lady of the Reel", a blog about movies.
Are you a fan?, no?, well, it doesn't matter because this site will make you become a fan of various movies of any kinds, and before you knew it, you are one of us. I myself is a movie addict ever since I was a kid, I think I inherited it from my father, "may he rest in peace",who has nothing to do but watch movies when he was still alive. I have bunches of collection of movies, but I only kept those who were worth watching for that even if you have watched it already you have these urge to watch it again. Because of these, I was encourage to create a blog about movies, from comedy to horror-suspense- action- drama/love story tv series, from old movies to new movies.
Have you experience going to a movie theater and fell asleep? it does only mean one thing, the movie you were watching was not interesting, boring and dragging. Well, this is your chance to make up of those times. Chances are, there might be movies you have missed that keeps you awake the whole night. I always say this to my sister who is also a movie addict, Why there are only few good movies today. So instead of watching movies that are no good, I dig up my collections and find those real good movies and watch it over and over again.
FYI, there might be real good movies in the past that you missed to watch, so I am including all of them here in my up coming posting, for your benefit.
So what are you waiting, sit back, relax, have a coke and popcorn, and smile, because this "Lady of the Reel" is about to begin...
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