No more Ruby Tuesday!

Were you sad that Ruby Tuesday come to an end? My other blog “clavsupclose” prepared an entry for this meme but when I went there to submit it, I was disappointed that our host has finally closed it. I was wondering why our host of this meme closed it. But maybe he has a valid reason and we respect that. Even though we will miss Ruby Tuesday, we are still get to see her around. This blog had a little participation of this meme because it’s new. But I still want to thank our host for giving me the opportunity to share my ideas or anything that comes in red color. So, goodbye Ruby Tuesday and we will see you around.


KM said...

hi clavel,

oo nga, kinda sad when a meme you have actively been joining in closed. i felt the same when Nostalgia meme closed. i read your Ruby Tuesday entry on your other blog by the way, i just didn't leave a comment :)

anyway, since some memes are closing down, i'm planning on opening one in my blog. I'm thinking of starting it this weekend, and I'm inviting you to join once it goes up and running. I will post the details in my blog soon, and I hope you join in the fun ^^ Thanks!

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