I Can't Get My Baby Into Sleep!

Am I the worst mother or what…

Last night was one of those nights wherein I was having trouble trying my baby to get him to sleep.  I tried every possible way on how to sooth him, but the more you tried so hard the more he became agitated and wild. His loud cry could wake up the whole universe! I did what my mother and my sisters told me to do if things like this with the baby happen. So, I rock him on my shoulder and sing lullaby, I feed him but I could not feed him again, not for another 2 hours, I tried to put him on the bed and gave his pacifier, I carry and hold him close to my body thinking maybe he wants to be held, I checked on his diapers, and it was dry, I gave him water, maybe he was thirsty. But, nothing works for the baby.  I spent almost 3 hours doing the same routine, and finally I got an idea! I put him on my lap and tried to breastfeed him even if I know no amount of milk will come out from my breast. Then the breastfeeding works like magic! He fell asleep in less than five minutes. Wow! I was like…thank you GOD! I can now go back to sleep. To all mommies out there, do you have any suggestions or advice just in case the breastfeeding is not going to work next time? LOL!  Any comment is very much appreciated.

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