Just Believe

SYNOPSIS: Suffering from the loss of his only child, Stanley has secluded himself to a dark and lonely place. Sullen and without hope, he continues to hide from and neglected those he loves despite their attempts to reach out to him. In what seems to be the final days of their already strained marriage, his wife Lisa is presented with a strange gift; an old oil lamp from a far off land.
Losing someone you love was the hardest thing you will ever experience. I was a bit touched by this movie because I remember when death took my father away from us.  Although, I know it was his time already because of old age but the mere fact of losing someone and never see them again was the same feeling of losing someone at the early age.
Do you believe in magic? or Genie in a bottle? Well, in this present world it doesn’t exist, only in fairytales. However, this movie is some sort of a magical story.  You will love this and will be inspired of how the life of a husband changed when he was at his worst and found the magic lamp that changed his life forever…


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