How do you keep the flame alive?

SYNOPSIS: The story of Alvin and Ellie’s, a couple living in London at ‘breaking point’ in their relationship. We are in the present day looking back at the eventful moments in their lives. Two young students, Alvin and Ellie meet at University , fall in out of  love, discuss music, hear and other less important things. Ellie is from the US and they do things differently there. We jump 10 years and they are now married and have successful careers but do they have time fro each other? Advised by best friends Peter and Janet, Alvin and Ellie analyze the best and worst bits of their relationship. Do they stay together, do thye have children, are sex T___ good for marriage… should they swing.

What a movie! I was surprised how hilarious the movie was.  Just like me and my husband, every married couple experienced the ups and downs of relationship. Marriage is not always having good times and doing sex all the time, it’s not like that. Two opposite sex living together in one roof for the rest of their lives have the chance to detest each other or even argue every single thing. This is normal for married couple, but what is important is that how are you going to deal with it to keep the marriage last or shall I say to keep the fire burning! Lol!. In this movie there are factors that I disagree that a married couple should do to save their marriage. I wonder if some married couple have done do this? I believe there are other options to consider in saving their marriage and I know one thing that really works because it is the will of GOD, and that is “submission” do you agree? Lol!


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